• Angels in America: The Millennium Approaches. Directed by Rich Rand. Purdue Theatre. West Lafayette, IN.

On the Exhale

August 2019

Chautauqua Theater Company, Chautauqua Institution, NY

  • Directed by Patrick Walsh

  • Scenic Design by Sasha Schwartz

  • Costume Design by Dorottya Vincze

  • Lighting Design by Baxter Carlisle Chambers

  • Assistant Sound Designer: Alex Brock

The Director-Actor workshop explored one woman’s journey as she explored the connection between her grief after an act of gun violence, and her newly discovered attraction to an assault rifle. The director and I created a sound scape that was rooted in realistic, diegetic sounds and morphed into the mind of our character. The through unsettling and subtle pads and tones the audience was invited into the woman’s grief, fear, and anger.


Agent 355

August 2019

Chautauqua Theater Company, Chautauqua Institution, NY

  • Music, Lyrics and Book by Preston Max Allen

  • Book and Dramaturgy by Jessica Kahkoska

  • Directed by Estefania Fadul

  • Scenic Design by Sasha Schwartz

  • Costume Design by Dorottya Vincze

  • Lighting Design by Baxter Carlisle Chambers

This workshop was the first production of Agent 355 with blocking and full design support. The short tech process combined with teching and running the show in repertory created a world wind experience. My main concern was to deliver a sound that supported the garage/DIY venue style in which the play is set while creating a full sound that immersed the audience and ensured they could follow the story of these women who served Washington’s spy network in the American Revolution.

Photos by David Munch & property of Chautauqua Theater Company

Photos by David Munch & property of Chautauqua Theater Company

How the Light Gets In

July 2019

Chautauqua Theater Company, Chautauqua Institution, NY

  • By E.M. Lewis

  • Directed by Emilie Beck

  • Scenic Design by Sasha Schwartz

  • Costume Design by Dorottya Vincze

  • Lighting Design by Baxter Carlisle Chambers

The incredibly fast-paced New Play Workshops at Chautauqua serve as a springboard for plays who, typically, have not had full design support previously. This new work (premiering at Boston Court Pasadena two months after Chautauqua) received it’s first fully realized design. During the process, I worked with both the director and the playwright to discover more direct language to inspire future designers who work on this script. Due to the schedule at CTC, my design incorporated elements of both the previous and following main-stage production to streamline the changeover process

Photos by David Munch & property of Chautauqua Theater Company

next to normal

November 2018

Purdue University Theatre, West Lafayette, Indiana

  • Directed by Kristine Holtvedt

  • Associate Sound Designer: Jeff Sherwood

  • Scenic Design by Shu Liu

  • Costume Design by Erin Carignan

  • Lighting Design by Danny Taylor

This show crosses genres, combining rock, acoustic, and majestic Broadway styled numbers. These differing styles supported the plot as we follow Diana through her struggles with loss-induced Manic/Depressive Bipolar Disorder. In order to support and amplify the story, we created a system that could deliver the bass thumping of a rock song as well as localized orchestral swells. The entire input system operated over a Dante network, including Front of House, Band Monitor Mixer, and a wireless mic listening station. This process also included training a new Mixer and programming for a band on stage.

Photos property of Alexandria Bennett & Garrett Bell.

Draftings Originated by Jeff Sherwood.

National Order of the Arrow Conference

Associate Sound Designer - July 2018

Assembly Hall, Indiana University. Bloomington, IN

  • Sound Designer: Barry Funderburg

  • Produced by OA Shows

  • Under the direction of The Boy Scouts of America National Organization

7,000 Arrowmen from across the Boy Scouts of America gathered at Indiana University for a week to celebrate their years of service, and plan the next. As the Sound Designer on site, my duties included: supervision of system installation and tuning, arranging playback, collaborating with the directors, recording and coaching voice-overs, and training RF and Sound Board Operators. I worked to ensure the Designer was well informed while working remotely. I also established relationships with the client’s numerous directors to ensure a production that exceeded expectations.

Clybourne Park

April 2018

Purdue University Theatre. West Lafayette, Indiana

  • Directed by Amy Lynn Budd

  • Assistant Sound Designer: Connor Sherrill

  • Scenic Design by Max He

  • Costumes by Erin Carignan

  • Lighting Design by Allison Newhard

This production's two acts, 50 years apart, created an opportunity for the soundscape to create the world outside the walls of a home on suburban Clybourne Street. I created a system that allowed my design to be highly localized on stage while still allowing the audience to be engulfed in the world.  The concept for sound was to contrast the bigotry inside the home with the stereotyped sounds of a 1950's neighborhood.  In the second act, the harsh sounds of a less than ideal neighborhood align with the racial tensions discussed in the dilapidated house.

Photos property of Purdue University Theatre.

2017 National Scout Jamboree

Associate Sound Designer - July 2017

Bechtel Summit National Scout Reserve.  Mt. Hope, West Virginia

  • Sound Designer: Barry Funderburg

  • Produced by Freeman Productions

  • Under the direction of The Boy Scouts of America National Organization

  • In association with Freeman Productions, Alford Media, and MSI.

This event for an audience of over 50,000 people throughout the week centered around evening stadium shows.  As a member of the creative team and the representative of the Sound Designer, I worked to adjust Barry’s creation to the ever-changing needs of the production.  This included not only changes during the limited rehearsals, but also in the fly during events.  The soundscape included underscoring for news reports, audience participation, theatrical staging of BSA traditions, and a wide variety of emcees and speakers.  Working with such a large production company, and an ambitious client such as BSA corporate required clear, concise, and constant communication.  As the only member of the BSA production staff specializing in sound, my main focus was stadium shows but I also mixed bands and consulted on setup of other stages across the reserve.

PHOTOS property of the white house, Reuters, or the boy scouts of america.

Around the World in 80 Days

Associate Sound Designer - May 2017

Clarence Brown Theatre.  Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Directed by Kate Buckley.

  • Sound Design by Joe Payne.

  • Scenic Design by Nevena Prodanović .

  • Costumes by Victor Bercher.

  • Lighting Design by Maranda DeBusk.

I began this production as the assistant and was quickly promoted to associate when the designer was no longer able to attend the process in person.  I served as his liaison in person to the entire team.  During tech, I programmed and made judgment calls while the designer observed via webcam.  Any notes he wished to convey had to be shared with the rest of the team through me.  This led to a balancing act during tech of listening and adjust what was unfolding on stage, while also communicating the designer’s notes or filling him in on conversations occurring out of his mic shot. 



This is Our Youth

October 2016

Clarence Brown Lab Theatre.  Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Directed by Conner Wilson.

  • Scenic Design by Rebecca Johnson.

  • Costumes by Erin Reed.

  • Lighting Design by Alice Trent.

This is Our Youth is a modern coming of age story set in 1982.  My approach to this show was to create an immersive soundscape that surrounded the audience and drew them into this Manhattan apartment.  The system included a period hi-fi and working television.  The director and I worked closely to explore the character's through their album choices, which they "played" throughout.



Les Miserables

November 2016

Bearden High School/  Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Directed by Leanne Dickson

  • Projections Design by Joe Payne

After losing their designer to a health problem, Bearden was in need of a Sound Designer at the last minute. This production which included 32 wireless mics and a full orchestra in an auditorium of over 1000 seats.  I created a soundscape, programmed the board and instructed mic techs and board operators.


Other Experience